Résumés des conférences (Dijon 2010)

Transitive Porcupines

par Lorenzo DIAZ (PUC, Rio de Janeiro)


We present topologically transitive fibered systems over horseshoe maps that are partially hyperbolic with one dimensional center. These systems display many non-hyperbolic features that can be easily explored by means of iterated function systems.

These models are homoclinic classes containing saddles of different indices and hence are not hyperbolic. They also posses a very rich topological fiber structure (uncountably many trivial and uncountably many non-trivial fibers) that we will explore.

Besides topological features, we will study thermodynamical properties of these systems. As a relevant one, the spectrum of the central Lyapunov exponents contains a gap and hence gives rise to phase transitions.

Joint work with K. Gelfert (IM-UFRJ, Brazil)

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